MOVE Yoga open in November 2014 and at its core is the belief that a single yoga class has the ability to awaken a deeper level of consciousness that exists within everybody. We have all had those transformative moments in class (or after) when something has “shifted”.  Suddenly we feel more calm, more inspired, or more focused.  Anything seems possible! You are here because you wish to create the space and help others to experience these moments too. We have been educating  and guiding students through the ancient teachings of yoga  with our short courses, in person retreats and mastery programs. Are You Ready To Step Up To the EDGE?


Online 200hr teacher training
coming soon...

Study with us from the comfort of home in our 200hr online yoga teacher training program. Daily practise, community, interactive learning environment and master the power yoga practise...

Since 2014 we have graduated over 400 students through this mastery course. In studio Flinders Lane Melbourne, weekend based learning, small group coaching. 


300hr advanced training
coming soon...

Upskill into advanced sequencing, cueing, refined teaching, anatomy, philosophy, business and much more