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"All About Asana" Six Week Program Series
May 2022

What is All About Asana AAA?

Is is time to get your yoga practise back up and running? We appreciate many of us let our yoga practise go in 2020/21 and it can be difficult getting back onto the mat after an extended break. The first thing to make sure before getting back into your yoga or fitness routine is starting slowly, build on the basics, moving mindfully, building back your awareness and strength, manage any injuries in a sustainable way. 

Who Is This For?

All About Asana is a six part weekly beginner power yoga workshop series open to anyone who is ready to get back into their yoga practise. We will go back to the roots of the practise and understand:-

  • the purpose of yoga

  • the fundamentals of the power vinyasa practise

  • Use of props, modifications & advancement of postures 

  • Give you confidence to join any level MOVE class

What's Included?:-

  • Unlimited MOVE membership from date of purchase to conclusion of the program

  • Membership includes access to in studio/live stream/on demand timetable

  • All About Asana (AAA) Six Week Workshop Series starts May 2022

  • Wednesday evenings 6pm to 7pm (siix week program finishes June 2022)


AAA Wednesday night workshop series:

  •  In studio​ lecture presentation

  • posture practical labs 

  • Q&A

  • Instant and lifetime access to Yoga Superpower Secrets 21 Day Program (beginner friendly 21 day program)​

How Much Does it Cost?

$397 non-members

$87 members* must having current pricing option to join program

*All About Asana Workshop Series is available to the first 30 students. unlimited membership is access to move live stream/in studio timetable from sale date to completion of the program (no extensions, refunds or transfers.

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Week 1

Integration & Sun A

Students should leave this workshop with an understanding of the purpose of sun salutations within a yoga class. The creation of Tapas (heat) within a yoga practice and its purpose. Effective techniques applied to asana within Sun Salutation. Effortless transitions between each posture. The basics of learning how to move in a vinyasa style class. 

Week 2

standing Series

Students should leave this session with an understanding of the muscles of the legs, how to engage glutes to assist with knee alignment, and how to engage the core to protect lower back. Understand the difference between internally and externally rotated legs. Ability to build their postures from the ground up, understanding the importance of weight distribution in their feet. Effortless transitions between each posture and moving fluidly in a vinyasa style class.

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week 3

Balancing series

Students will develop an understanding of the concept of drishti, one pointed focus. Effect use of ankle strength and distribution of weight on standing leg. Key muscle activation in all postures in standing leg and working leg. Use of bandhas to assist with creating a centre of gravity. Safety of knee joint in balancing postures, the difference between locking the knee and gentle bend. 

Week 4


Backbend Series

Students will develop an understanding of the vertebral column and become aware of the most flexible parts of the spine, and the usual areas that are stiff and sometimes immobile. Use of Mula Bandha and Uddiyana Bandha in support of the lower back during backbends. Key muscles and activation, especially around the core to assist mobility of the spine.

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