Body Evolution Secrets
6 Week Yoga Challenge 
Next Intake 2022 


Gain More Energy, Improve Strength, Increase Confidence & Productivity, Change Your Mindset, Growth, 

6 WEEK challenge

Join a group of like minded individuals and let's set a collective intention to change your body, mind and life with a new mindset.


This fool-proof program and game of commitment will get you strong and fit, boost your energy, improve your mind and body strength and increase your confidence & productivity using the proven science of yoga and movement. 

What does the Body Evolution Secrets Challenge included:


  • Body Evolution Secrets Challenge Program (Value $597)

  • 6 weeks of Unlimited In Studio Hot/Power/Yin sessions for the duration of the program and access to classes from date of purchase  (valued at over $330)

  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions via Zoom at 6pm every Thursday during the Program. Seven group yoga coaching sessions to guide you to your progress with our four cornerstones for evolution, Daily Yoga Practice, Meditation, Diet, and Questions of Truth (value $387)

  • The Body Evolution Secrets Game of Commitment with Daily ​Progress Tracking and real time leaderboard for motivation & accountability & personnel yoga coach (value $497)

  • 6 week diet plan with meal plans and month watering recipes to achieve your health and goals (valued $297)

  • Access to private online portal, group and weekly motivational tips (valued at $397)

  • ​And the game of commitment winner $1000 prize money!!

  • TOTAL VALUE $2500


What's Your Commitment? Just show up and do the work. We have already made all the tough decisions. What are you Waiting for?


hear from our students

"I was looking for something to kick start my fitness. I let myself go. I didnt like yoga before, I had tried it. It just frustrated me. But as soon as I started practising regularly in the challenge, I opened up. I opened up physically, mentally, I feel like I walk more gracefullly. It exceeded my expectations. My intention was to close some weight (I lost 6kg). But I have opened up. I feel less stressed. I feel more even. Do it. No regrets!"

Angel (winner 2019 Challenge)

Frequently asked questions


效果因人而異,視乎個人體質,有些人即日已有效果,可減1-2cm;治療次數決定效果明顯程度,一般體質基本建議4次-8次,但如脂肪較豐厚者,需要的次數多少;而最佳效果出現在 2-3 個月後。


在治療前後 2 天及療程當天需大量攝取水分,建議每天喝 2000 ~ 3000 c.c.的量,治療後 48 小時內建議不要喝任何的含糖飲料。


跟一般減肥不同的是,Body Contouring Combo 瘦身塑型組合帶來的持久效果是由減脂帶來的。 常規減肥中,脂肪細胞會縮小,但細胞數量並不會改變;而我們的療程則是讓脂肪細胞完全雕亡,最終被身體自然排除。脂肪細胞一旦被分解,剩餘的脂肪和皮膚就會開始適應新的身體輪廓。 要注意的是,雖然脂肪細胞被分解了,但之後懷孕、增重、自然衰老過程也都是會影響治療結果的。健康的生活方式和飲食結構才是讓你的新身體輪廓長久保持的最好方法~


每一次所需時間60分鐘 (30分鐘+30分鐘),無需術後修復,沒有恢復期。