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200hr power yoga teacher training


Is it time to make a change? Do you want to advance your practise to the next level? Or, are you compelled to deepen your understanding of your yoga practice? With this Yoga Alliance Registered course you will discover the authentic and empowered version of yourself and help others to move, grow and reach their goals. We employ educators from a range of lineages, who have dedicated their lives to helping others transform theirs. Learn from them the art and science of designing and delivering a safe, dynamic class. Learn to truly teach with emphasis placed on clearly instructing students bodies into alignment. We give you the space and opportunity to find your own teaching style.

This 200 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training course will empower you with the tools to strengthen your own practice, become part of the fastest growing health and wellness sector, learn how to transform lives. If you aspire to teach, you're in good company: Since the opening of MOVE Yoga we have attracted the highest calibre of teachers and educators. Learn from the best. We want you to master the fundamentals, so completing our program will mark the beginning of your successful career as a yoga teacher. What To Expect:-

  • 9 Week Face To Face Learning In Studio (Flinders Lane, Melbourne)

  • 8 hours homework weekly (self study)

  • Weekend Based Learning (Saturday & Sundays)

  • Small Class sizes, facilitators, 1:1 Coaching

  • Proven Process with a Power Flow 60 minute sequence

  • Intensive Practise Teaching Schedule in class format

  • Join our Tribe - 1 Year Membership to MOVE

  • 5 Study Areas: Anatomy, Philosophy, Methodology, Techniques, Practicum

  • 200hr Yoga Alliance Certificate Qualification RYT200

  • Advance Your practise with our set sequence

  • Qualified facilitators in health & wellness Industry

  • Community, make lifelong friends, learn and grow together

  • Yin Yoga Anatomy Module

  • Comprehensive Teacher Training Manual

  • Flexible Learning Environment

  • Online Student Portal

  • Launch Your Yoga Business Module

Feb 2022


7 February 2022*


Week 1) Sat 12, Sun 13 Feb

Week 2) Sat 19, Sun 20 Feb

Week 3) Sat 26, Sun 27 Feb

Week 4) Sat 5, Sun 6 Mar

Week 5) Sat 12, Sun 13 Mar

Week 6) Sat 19, Sun 20 Mar (break)*

Week 7) Sat 26, Sun 27 Mar

Week 8) Sat 2, Sun 3 April

Week 9) Sat 9, Sun 10 April (Final Exam)


  • Course starts Monday prior to first weekend

  • Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm

  • 1 Year Membership

  • *Lectures & study, practise

  • No training over Easter 15th April


May 2022


25 April 2022*


Week 1) Sat 30 April, Sun 1 May

Week 2) Sat 7, Sun 8 May

Week 3) Sat 14, Sun 15 May

Week 4) Sat 21, Sun 22 May

Week 5) Sat 28, Sun 29 May

Week 6) Sat 4,  Sun 5 June (break)*

Week 7) Sat 11, Sun 12 June

Week 8) Sat 18, Sun 19 June 

Week 9) Sat 25, Sun 26 June (final exam)



  • Course starts Monday prior to first weekend

  • Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm

  • *Lectures & study, practise

  • 1 Year Membership


July 2021


11 July 2022*



Week 1) Sat 16, Sun 17 July

Week 2) Sat 23, Sun 24 July

Week 3) Sat 30, Sun 31 July

Week 4) Sat 6, Sun 7 Aug

Week 5) Sat 13, Sun 14 Aug

Week 6) Sat 20, Sun 21 Aug (break)*

Week 7) Sat 27, Sun 28 Aug

Week 8) Sat 3, Sun 4 Sept

Week 9) Sat 10, Sun 11 Sept (Final Exam)



  • Course starts Monday prior to first weekend

  • Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm

  • 1 Year Membership

  • *Lectures & study, practise

Filling Up


Frequently asked questions

How much yoga experience do I need to have to do teacher training?

Minimum 6 month regular vinyasa/power yoga practise (3 times per week) is the minimum requirement. Yoga is a life long practise and a comittment to a healthy lifestyle and as a yoga teacher an ongoing comittment to your yoga practise. If you are unsure, we recommend you try a few classes at MOVE to get a feel for the teaching style we offer and ensure it is a fit for you.

How long does it take to complete the 200 hour training?

Our in person course runs:-

  • Over 9 weekends* (week 6 break)
  • Saturday & Sunday 10am - 4pm (@ MOVE Yoga)
  • 6-8 hours additional online homework/study per week
  • Week 9 is final written and practical exam

I can’t make a few of the dates, can I still join?

You need to complete 90% of contact hours to graduate. Any missed weekend sessions you’ll need to make up in your own time. If you miss more than 10% of contact hours, MOVE yoga will assess whether it’s suitable for you to continue or to defer to another date.

How often does MOVE run the in person course?

We run 4 in person intakes per year. Please check the website for dates.

How Much Is the In Person 200hr Teacher Training?

Our in person weekend based 200hr Teacher Training Course costs $4990. We have payment plans available and scholarships based upon application. Included in this price:-

  • 200hr Yoga Alliance Registerd Certificate
  • Unlimited (in-studio/virtual) 1 year membership to MOVE Yoga timetable
  • Student Support Program (graduate community class/work experience/feedback)
  • Lifetime Access to Online Education Portal
  • Enrollment (within the 12 months) into any one of our regularly scheduled Body Evolution Secrets Challenge Programs

How Many Students Attend Each Course?

We generally have a limit of between 12 and 18 students per intake. We have a large studio space available with plenty of room to accomodate different size groups.

How Do I sign Up To The Program?

All students that enroll in our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Program must book a call and go through an application process to make sure we are the right fit. The last thing we want is you to be enrolled in a program that is not right for you, and the same goes for us. This is an important step so that all questions are answered prior to start so we can hit the ground running and focus solely on the program and its teachings and have FUN! Once agreed, a $500 depsosit is required to secure your spot usually paid over the phone with credit card. A receipt will be send shortly after and final payment and/or payment plan arranged.

What Style Of Yoga is the MOVE 200hr Power Yoga Teacher Training?

MOVE Yoga is a Power/Vinyasa-based school that teaches a method of yoga that builds strength & integrity in the body using precise cues & instruction, detailed alignment, breath and fluid movement. During the course you will learn to practise and teach the MOVE signature 60 minute power vinyasa sequence. This is a 10 series sequence. We begin with a warm up, then flow of Sun Salutations and more static postures that are skillfully sequenced. Modifications and props are used to adjust the practice for each student. the MOVE Yoga style of classes can be paced moderately or vigorously depending on the level of the class and student.

What Will I Learn In The 200hr Power Yoga Teacher Training Program?

Click here for a detailed look into our syllabus.

What If I Don't Want To Be a Teacher?

No problem! Our 200hr training is perfect for those who want to delve deeper into the study of yoga, and to improve their own practice. It’s also great for students who simply want to have a transformational experience in body mind and life and to be a part of our community.

What If I Am Pregnant?

We have had many pregnant students in our programs. It all depends on how you are feeling and also where you are at in your pregnancy. All students should first check with their doctor to make sure they are clear to take this training.

What Is the MOVE Yoga Teacher Training Refund & Cancellation Policy?

  • A non-refundable $1000 deposit is due upon enrollment to hold your spot.
  • All fees paid (including payment plans or upfront) are non-refundable, non-tranferrable.
  • Should you need to defer your participation in the training you will need to notify us in writing and your application will be reviewed and if approved a credit will be applied to your account for future use towards programs and memberships and can be used to defer you into the next intake.

What Do I Need to do to Graduate with Yoga Alliance RYS200 Certification?

In order to graduate the program you must be paid in full and fulfill the following requirements:

  • 90% attendance of weekend in-studio teacher training sessions
  • Successful completion of homework, quizzes, in-class and final exams (don’t worry, you will be will prepared!)
  • Participation & completion of final in-studio practical teaching assessment (practicum) again don't worry you will be prepared)
  • Completion of scheduled class practise requirement (minimum 3 MOVE classes per week)
  • Certificates will be sent out 2 weeks after completion of the course

Can I practise at MOVE Yoga During The 200hr Program?

When you enroll for a 200-Hour program at a MOVE Yoga, you will have access to all regularly scheduled classes for 12 months, starting on the first day of deposit or payment.

Do I have Access to MOVE On Demand During My Training

Yes! You will have free access to MOVE On Demand for 12 months, starting on the date of your deposit. Special alumni rates are available if you would like to continue your membership after training ends.

Is there a minimum age I need to be to take the training?

You must be at least 16 years old to take the teacher training. If you are between 16 and 18 years old it is required that we receive written consent from your legal guardian 30 days before the start of the training?

Are there any additional books I need to purchase for the training?

No, all manuals and course material are included in the tuition. We have a reccomended reading list which you may like to purchase for additonal reading.

How Many Students Are Enrolled In Each Intake

Between 12 and 18 per intake. We have 2 large studio rooms and space to accomodate different sized groups.

What Is Yoga Alliance?

Yoga Alliance is an organization that was started in 1999 as a way to create nationally recognized standards for yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainings in the US. More and more yoga studios across the world are requiring their teachers to register with the Yoga Alliance, at the 200-Hour level. Yoga Alliance registration, however, is not a legal requirement for teaching yoga. Currently, there are no legal certification requirements to be a yoga teacher. The MOVE yoga Trainings are approved at the Yoga Alliance 200-Hour level.

Will I Be Able To Teach Anywhere In The World?

Yes! The MOVE Yoga Teacher Training is globally recognized and respected which is why we have over 400 graduates and growing. Our students come from all over the Australia and the world then go on to and to bring the knowledge back home to their own communities.

Will I Be Qualified To Teach Yoga Once I Complete the Course?

Yes! With the successful completion of all the requirements of the program, including contact hours, homework, practise and exams, you will receive your Letter of Completion and Diploma proving your qualification at the 200-Hour Level. You may also register with the Yoga Alliance ( www.yogaalliance.org) at the RYT-200 level (Registered Yoga Teacher 200). Graduates of the 200-Hour program usually begin teaching in small studios, gyms, with private clientele (friends and family), etc. After gaining experience teaching many new teachers decide to continue their Teacher Training education and participate in the 300-Hour pathway as a way to further solidify their skills, knowledge, and style as a yoga instructor.

What Is the Difference Between 200hr, 300hr, 500hr Trainings?

200hr Yoga Alliance is the minimum requirement for yoga teaching and to gain insurance and indemnity to teach. It is our reccomendation that you study a foundational 200hr course, then gain 1 year experience teaching and then go on to specialise in an additional 300hr's with one training provider to work toards your 500hr Yoga Alliance Pathway. It is important to remember that the 500hr Yoga Alliance pathway requires that your additional 300hr training is with one provider (not a lot of different small workshops and trainings). given the time and dollar investment into an additional 300hr training it is our reccomendation that student get a firm foundation with a 200hr Yoga Alliance registered school and then make a decision about where they would like to invest their further 300hr training.