Body Evolution Secrets

6 Week Challenge 

Next Challenge 28 Jan to 12 Mar 2021 - Start Practising Now


Gain More Energy, Improve Strength, Increase Confidence & Productivity, Change Your Mindset, Growth, 


Join a group of 50 like minded individuals and let's set a collective intention to change your mindset for 2020!


This fool-proof program will get you strong and fit, boost your energy, improve your mind and body strength and increase your confidence & productivity ,all whilst having fun doing it. From the comfort of your home, live streamed from our Flinders Lane location:

  • 6 weeks of Unlimited Power yoga sessions from date of purchase  (valued at $210)

  • Weekly Thursday 6pm 1hr Zoom Group Coaching Sessions, delve into the secrets of making long lasting change (value $297)

  • Daily APP ​Progress Tracking and real time leaderboard for motivation & accountability & personnel yoga coach (value $497)

  • 6 week diet plan to achieve your health goals (valued $297)

  • Access to private online portal, group and weekly motivational tips

  • Personalised Fitness Program (valued at $297)

  • Meal Plans and Mouth Watering Recipes (valued at $150)

  • ​And the winner received $1000 prize money!!

  • TOTAL VALUE $1748 for only $397

  • Challenge Dates: 29 October to 10 December 2020


What's My Commitment? Just show up and do the work. We have taken all the tough decisions away from you. What are you Waiting for?


hear from our students

"I was looking for something to kick start my fitness. I let myself go. I didnt like yoga before, I had tried it. It just frustrated me. But as soon as I started practising regularly in the challenge, I opened up. I opened up physically, mentally, I feel like I walk more gracefullly. It exceeded my expectations. My intention was to close some weight (I lost 6kg). But I have opened up. I feel less stressed. I feel more even. Do it. No regrets!"

Angel (winner 2019 Challenge)

Frequently asked questions

What Are The 2020 Challenge Dates?

Our next challenge commences on Thursday 22 October 2020 and finishes Thursday 3 December 2020. Keep your eye out for 2021 challenge dates to be released later this year.

How Much Does The Challenge Cost?

The Challenge costs $397 up front which includes: - 6 weeks of unlimited yoga - Access to 40 Live Streamed MOVE Yoga Classes - Weekly Thursday 6pm Zoom Themed Meetings - Leaderboard tracking - 6 week diet plan to achieve your health goals and provide nutritional support - Access to private Up Level online portal (weekly homework and handouts) - Personalised fitness program - Meal plan & recipes - Personalised grocery list
- AND the chance to win $1000!

When Can I Get Access to the Resources?

Full Access to all the Challenge Resources can be accessed on the start date.

Can I participate in the Challenge If I am Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

We do not recommend following the Challenge exercise plan or meal plans whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. During pregnancy and shortly after your body may experience high levels of the hormone Relaxin which relaxes the ligaments in the pelvis preparing the body for childbirth. Your body can experience more range in flexibility due to this and it is important not to over stretch the ligament. Also generally, our classes are not designed for pregnant women. Power & Hot Vinyasa increases your heart rate during your practice and it can be unsafe to practise during pregnancy. It is important to consult your medical practitioner prior to practising during pregnancy. Likewise dieting to lose weight during pregnancy can be hazardous to you and your baby, especially since a weight loss regimen may restrict important nutrients such as iron, folic acid, and other important vitamins and minerals.

What do I need to do to Win The Challenge?

The Body Evolution Secret's Challenge is a game of commitment, dedication and mindset. To be eligible to WIN any of the 3 prizes in the Challenge the following 3 requirements stand:-

  • Minimum 5 attendance live streamed yoga sessions per week @ MOVE Yoga
  • Minimum 1 attendance 1:1 Inititial Goal Setting Session during the 6 weeks (times will be scheduled with your coach)
  • Challengers will gain points for attending live streamed yoga sessions and daily checklist items and the challenger that gains the most points over the duration of the challenge will win.

What are the prizes?

First Prize $1000

What if I am an Exisiting MOVE Member. Can I participate in the Challenge?

Yes, existing MOVE Members can participate in the Challenge. All memberships will be paused for the 6 week period and start back up again upon completion of the Challenge. Full terms as per membership remain.

What if I don’t want to do the assessments?

If you do not wish to participate in the assessments, no problem. You will not be eligible for the prizes— but you will still get all of the other benefits.

Are There Group Meetings that I am Required to Attend?

We will have a kick off meeting on Thursday 29 October at 6pm (via Zoom). Weekly Meetings at 6pm on Thursday each week concluding on Thursday December 10 2020. These meetings are compulsory in order to be eligible for the prize money. They are also extremely beneficial to reach your goals during the Challenge and to stay on track upon completion of the Challenge.

How are by Stats Recorded and Where?

Your class attendance will be updated on the platform daily by 4pm for the previous day. It is up to you to check off your daily checklist items on the APP which you will gain points for.

What are the Benefits to participating in the Challenge?

This fool-proof program will get you strong and fit, boost your energy, improve your mind and body strength and increase your confidence & productivity ,all whilst having fun doing it. From the comfort of your home, live streamed with over 40 classes a week. Check out our timetable here.

Is the 6 Week Body Evolution Secrets Challenge for me?

  • Are you allowing 2020 to get on top of you?
  • Do you feel sluggish, tired, unmotivated, over/underweight?
  • Do you want to commit to an effective fitness program that will have long lasting effects?​
  • ​Would you like to have a ton more energy throughout the day?
  • Do you want to increase your strength, cardio, mobility and flexibility?
  • Do you want to train risk free of injury?
  • Have you been thinking of trying yoga but think it is too soft and fluffy?
  • ​Are you ready to start learning and exploring new ideas?
  • ​Do you like meeting new people and being part of a community?
  • ​​Do you want to extend your knowledge of body/mind connection ?

What if I am new to Power Yoga?

We practise a strong vinyasa style of yoga. Designed to build strength and tone in the body. Have you been thinking about trying yoga? Or has someone suggested that you try yoga? Our experience is that just trying one yoga class will only leave you frustrated. You will spend most of the time looking around the room, trying to figure out what the instructor is saying and feel awkward and frustrated. Studies say it takes at least 6 weeks to change a habit. To make a real change to your life. Well the Body Evolution Secrets Challenge is designed for this in mind. We will teach you how to set the foundations of your yoga practise and carry this through for the 6 weeks of the program. This will include learning the basics of a power yoga practise, building strength, learning alignment, creating healthy diet and nutrition habits and becoming part of our community.


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