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Unveiling the Four Cornerstones of the Body Evolution Secrets Six Week Program

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Are you looking to unlock the power of transformation and create lasting change in your life? The Body Evolution Secrets Program is here to help! The challenge is designed to help you achieve physical strength and fitness, boost energy levels, improve mental and physical wellness, and increase confidence and productivity. The challenge also includes weekly meal plans and mouth-watering recipes that are tailored to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. You will also gain access to a private Facebook group, where you can connect with like-minded individuals and receive weekly motivational tips.

Through four cornerstones - Daily Practice, Diet & Nutrition, Meditation, and Questions of Truth - this program will provide the essential tools needed for success. From reciting mantras on inhale and exhale to selecting a diet that works best for your body type, these methods are designed to uncover untruths within yourself while also manifesting desired outcomes. So if you’re ready to take charge of your own growth and evolution, then read on to learn more about how the Four Cornerstones can help you achieve it.

Introducing the Four Cornerstones

The Four Cornerstones are a 4 step process to help unlock the power of transformation during the next 6 weeks. These four cornerstones are – Daily Practice, Diet & Nutrition, Meditation and Questions of Truth (or self enquiry) - and are the tools that underpin the journey.

1. Daily Practice

Daily yoga practise is about creating a habit for yourself that helps to keep you on track with your transformation journey. Find time in your day for your practise and stick with it! Once you have picked a time, commit to doing it every day throughout the 6 weeks and beyond. Not only will this help to keep you focused, but it will also give your mind and body some much-needed structure and clarity whilst building muscular tone and strength.

2. Diet & Nutrition

You are what you eat! Fuelling your body for success is what this is all about. Consider selecting a diet that works best for your body type, while being mindful of the food and drink you consume. Pay attention to portion sizes, but also note how certain foods or drinks make you feel afterwards. Alcohol can be tempting, but it will leave you feeling drained the next day. Eating the right kinds of foods will help sustain energy levels and reduce cravings - both are essential when trying to create lasting transformation in life.

3. Meditation

Meditation is an important part of the transformation journey as it helps to bring inner peace, clarity, and focus. It helps balance the autonomic nervous system and can ease stress and anxiety bringing more clarity and calmness to your day. It can be anything from reciting mantras on inhale and exhale or practicing mindfulness, or sitting in stillness at the completion of your practise and observe the sensations in the body/mind - whatever resonates with you most!

4. Questions of Truth - Self Study

Meet yourself where you are at! Questions of truth are about unravelling any untruths within yourself. It’s about asking the tough questions and being honest with your answers - without judgement or expectation. We do this on Week 1 Identity so we can start this 6 week journey honestly within ourselves. This process can help to uncover what needs to shift in order for you to manifest desired outcomes and make lasting change in life. Journalling on questions like "What areas of my life make me feel exhausted and drained?" or "What is it that makes me smile inside and out".

What is Your Big Picture?

The Body Evolution Secrets Six Week Challenge is all about manifesting desired outcomes and having a big picture vision beyond current circumstances is essential in order to do this.

What is it that you want to create in your life? Ask the tough questions in Week 1 Identity. Is my job causing me to be unhappy and stressed? Am I doing enough exercise? Am I overweight, underweight, what is my BMI? Am I consuming too much refined sugars (alcohol, packaged foods, sugar, coffee?)

Through Daily Practice activities, mindful diet and nutrition choices, regular meditation sessions, and powerful questions of truth, you will can gain clarity on your motivations and values and chart a course towards lasting transformation. With commitment and dedication to the challenge, you will be able to see the positive changes both internally and externally throughout the six weeks. The experience gained from this journey will provide you with priceless insight into how to continue progressing forward far beyond the challenge itself.

By committing to the Body Evolution Secrets Six Week Challenge, you are taking the first step towards lasting transformation. Our Body Evolution Secrets Program runs throughout the year in studio. Check out our FAQ's for Challenge details and Dates! If you want to get started on a bite sized version on our challenge today, why not check out our Yoga Super Power Secrets 10 Day Challenge! Start today and self paced and see what amazing things you can accomplish in just 10 days! Sign up now to experience a renewed sense of purpose and unlock your full potential.

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