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What no one is actually talking about

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Are you fed up with searching for "real news" on traditional media and social? In order to intellectualise and make some sense of the intense "2020 shift" we can actually look deeper to history.

What's interesting about human beings is that we really don't like change. Well, we like change that we can control and manage in order to feel like we are moving forward in a safe and methodical way. But really we like stability, security, balance and structure. And we teach this on the mat daily, do the work, get up, make your bed, get on the mat, breath by breath, pose by pose, try something new, advance your practise, observe your reactions and evolve to something new. But the truth of this is these are small baby steps. Little by little.

Fast forward circa Feb 2020 world pandemic and what happens is a universal shift so strong and so sudden that it caused a global transition. And no one saw it coming. On a world scale we got swept off our feet. Everything as we knew it in our lives and the generation before us got switched off and we had to change overnight. Let's be honest, change of this magnitude has and will have profound and lasting affects.

To find some perspective, let's step back for a moment and take a look at the longer chain of historical events. And from our vantage point in 2020 and the end of one millennium and the beginning of a new one.

From the Middle Ages circa 1500's we saw a split between spirituality and science and a split from medieval religion and dogma, to one where science was given the opportunity to investigate and expand upon physical discoveries. Science erred away from any relationship to God, angels or miracles and instead chose to focus on concrete and tangible aspects of our world. At the same time the rise of the Industrial Revolution birthed new technologies which enhanced the production of goods and providing new secular security and structure for humanity. By the 18th century through hard work and intellect and developing technology we could take life into our own hands and replace the traditional faith in religion with a faith in science and work ethic and progress using the earths resources.

Here we are at the modern age. through the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, our modern view of the world expanded. We continued to map and name the parts of the universe in a way which was predicable, secure and we have been fighting to sustain this illusion. To feel secure, we have kept ourselves pre-occupied and focussed on technological conquests.

And then we started to wake up. Slowly. the 50's, 60's and 70's we started to tap into the science of physics and question our materialistic view on life. We began to see patterns of energy, see things as circular, unending and multidimensional and infinite. Even technology began to utilise these new findings. And we started to turn inward and focus our intention to evolve from within as a species. A knowledge of the untapped potential that each and every one of us has. We began to realise that is doesn't work as a group to tell one another to change and to force society to evolve. Each and every one of us has to look within, transform within first, and only then by collective effort our society would follow suit.

So now what in 2021? Well we are still in transition. Things are still shifting on a global level and it's going to take time. And it's important to be aware of your preoccupations. If anything we have learnt during the last 18 months in Melbourne is stick to the basics and a routine. Practise every day, get on the mat and breathe, focussed drishti, find strength and grace in your movements, push yourself, try something new and evolve. And when you get thrown off balance, you have the pillars of the practise as your foundation of support and stability. Get outside in nature every day. Go for a swim in the ocean, go for a walk, read a book and limit social media and alcohol. Be in service of the collective.. Don't question or judge, just be there to support and guide. There is so much power in the simplicity of these practises. And if you feel alone...See You On The Mat! No excuses!

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