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How to Get Strong & Lean Through Power Yoga

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Why is it that regular yoga practitioners have such a healthy posture, low body fat and walk with such grace and ease? Most of us are aware that the benefits of a yoga practise are endless and the results you can feel straight away. But for some of us feeling lean and light on the yoga mat can feel like an unachievable goal. In this post we will explain why the practise can help us get light, lean and strong, and why maintaining this state can help us improve our overall health and longevity.

Despite what a lot of marketing claims, being lean and being thin are completely different concepts. People who are thin may have a slim appearance, but this doesn’t necessarily correlate with being healthy. The term lean is closely connected with good health. A lean person is someone who doesn’t have a lot of body fat. Even pro-athletes who are lean, may still have plenty of bulk because they are in great shape. For many people, getting to within their BMI scale is a perfect goal to begin with and weight loss should never be your primary reason for working out. As we get older, building muscle is just as important as strong muscles create strong bones, a strong spine and an active lifestyle.

How to Get Lean Through Yoga

Step 1. Start a yoga program whether at your local studio or online. The beauty of in studio is that you have a community to support and guide you along the way. If you are new to yoga and you just turn up and do a casual class and expect results in 1 day, this is not achievable or realistic. Know that it takes 6 weeks or 42 days of consistent effort to kick a bad habit or to learn a new skill.

Step 2. Measure your BMI. Knowing your current body max index and where you sit in the healthy/unhealthy range and the first step to know where you are at and where you need to get it. If you are already sitting at a healthy range, then just committing to a yoga practise 5 times a week will build a strong body. If you are sitting at an unhealthy range, then you will need to make an adjustment to your diet. Check out this FREE BMI calculator.

Step 3. Set your schedule of when you are going to practise. Yoga must be practised on an empty stomach so before breakfast, before lunch or before dinner. Put it in your diary and be disciplined with your time. Practise 3-5 times a week. This is key to your commitment.

Step 4. Master the Vinyasa. The most important part of a strength-based yoga class is the Chaturanga. This is also known as high to low plank. This is the part of the class which builds heat and strength and sweat and is the most powerful part of the class. But a lot of people do it wrong or get lost.. Watch some videos, grab the teacher after class and get them to show you how to modify the practise as you begin and know that with time you will get stronger and more awareness on the mat.

Step 5. Watch What You Consume. Make sure your meals are healthy and nutritious. When you eat make sure you are not overfull. Overeating causes low energy, fatigue, and even can contribute to mental health problems. Consume 8+ glasses of water a day and eat a balanced healthy diet.

Step 6. Be the observer. Yoga is about self-study, observation. It’s your time on the mat to observe your reactions, what’s feels good, what is changing and how to modify. Remember everyone’s yoga journey is unique to them, so less judgment and more acceptance along the way.

Just a reminder, there are no quick fixes. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Follow a structured program with discipline consistent effort and you will get results. The yoga practise is a journey and practised with effort and ease. And not only will you feel stronger, lighter, and leaner, you will have learned a new skill, found a new healthy hobby and be surrounded by likeminded people who will support and encourage you on your way.

If you are looking for a foolproof program to help you get lean and strong in as little as six weeks, click here to check out our Body Evolution Secrets 6 Week Challenge.

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